Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Trail to Santiago de Campostella

I haven't posted here for a long time-been busy, however, I walked over 600 kilometers on the trail of Santiago here in Spain and will complete the last 300 plus kilometers this year if health permits me. I was diagnosed with diabetes this year and must pack all my stuff (including medication this trip). I am posting pictures to a 2nd blog I created for my Spanish friends and will provide a link to it from here. Thnx for reading the blog and happy writing-never give up.

Monday, January 26, 2015

American Superbowl 2015 First for me in a Decade

We finally got it together and jumped into the 21rst Century here in Spain and have digital TV-about time. I have always been a huge fan of American Football,(duh, since I am American), and have been living in Spain where it cost an egg to pay for internet NFL. Well now I get it on the digital TV and have been really enjoying the play-offs. Seattle v. New England will be happening soon and I can hardly wait. After the SUPER Bowl is over, I will start my adventure on the trail to Santiago in March-my other blog will be dedicated in Spanish for my local friends @ ayquedolor.blogspot.es and I will keep updates as often as possible here in English. Play Ball!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Procrastination: The shelf in which we place things until the dust is so thick that we need shovels to find our way back in to them.

    Time seems to simply fly by me like the new electric trains that heat the rails ahead of them so they have a "ringing type of humming" sound 15 seconds before their arrival at the station, and go "shuuuu-shuuu-shuuu-shuuu" as they pass in front of your eyes-trying to impossibly focus on any part of the train. I am over halfway through my life and it seems the older I get the faster the clock ticks. I am not sure if it is me racing to the end? Or if I am simply more conscious/aware that my time is approaching towards an inevitable endeavor? Either way, getting old sucks butt!
Okay, enough with the whining, what I wanted to tell you was that another year has past and today was the last day of the event called "Running of the Bulls" in Pamplona, Spain. I don't have pictures, but saw an unfortunate individual get the inside of his upper leg ripped so bad that the skin was flapping around like a huge dragons tongue licking his lips, and the wound was the size of a large watermelon. My apologies for being so vivid, however, the event is extremely dangerous, and people go there expecting to have a walk in a petting zoo with ducks and rabbits, then get hauled away to the hospital in an ambulance. On the brighter side of it all, the whole week went by with lesser injuries and everyone had a great celebration of San Fermine in Pamplona.
     So I don't get yelled at from all the sports fans out there, "GERMANY" won the 2014 World Cup!
The game was predicted to be one sided like the game with Brazil: Germany 7 - Brazil 1 (5-0 @ half time).
Messi-the greatest player of the year recipient-didn't do jack squat, but he played a clean game, unlike his colleagues which punched, head butted, kneed, gouged, and protested throughout the event. Congratulations to Germany-who played a very clean game-the 2014 World Cup FIFA 1rst place winners.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I just read my last post and it has been since last fall since I updated this baby...Truly I have been Lazy...I am a proclaimed writer for a blog dedicated to writing and I'll be damned if I am more guilty than the struggling agents coping with electronic book industries and book stores. Enough of that stuff...I'm back in BOLD. So much has happened since mushroom season so I'm gonna break it down into short understandable stories:

Once upon a time there was this ancient city quietly tucked far away in the mountainous regions of Spain, where the only problems encountered by it's people were the attacks received by enemies, and weather. The weather was biting cold in winter, usually covered in layers of ice and snow, and the heat in summer-although only 3 months out of the year-was unbearably hot. The weather could not be dealt with by a simple command by the king, but protection from enemies were another story. The King of the region of Spain known as Aragon did just that and ordered a wall to be built completely around the city to protect it from intruders and so it was done. This wall consisted of making a complete circle around the city which covered over 4 kilometers and over 4 meters thick in some places. The process in which it was constructed was unique to the environment-which I will tell you about in the next post..until then...medieval festival coming up in that old city @ the end of July...

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Been out looking for mushrooms since that is a great past time when you are un-employed and ran across these beauties:
Was told by my local authority on shrooms that these are called Macrolepiota Rhacodes and if ya look em up on the net, darned if it don't look just like em. Wife said she ain't touchin em, but I'm gonna see what they taste like. I am told they are delicious. In case you missed em, here is a different angle:

Monday, February 01, 2010

Still Alive After All These Years

Hello 2010. I'm still here, through the radical music, the hurricanes, the earthquakes, financial crisis, and years of celebacy to avoid aids or whatever is crawling around in society's more advanced social gatherings. I live in a place that has clean fresh air, good healthy food, very little traffic, and fewer worries than decisions towards one meal or another. I feel sorry for the people which stand up hip to hip in waste deep water enjoying their "DAY AT THE POOL" in Tokyo, or people waiting in line for hours to get minimal essentials in life-with millions of other people-such as they do in India, or Mexico City. I personally don't know how so many people can live together in the harmony that they do without more chaos. I salute the people who can survive the lifestyles they must endure in those places, and fix another cup of tea in mine. Thank goodness for the small blessings in life. Have a great 2010 no matter where you are.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

OceanMasters BLOW like a Sperm Whale!

I previously wrote about a problem incured with an online game named puzzle pirates and as of today-I'm back on. The people at puzzle pirates for some reason or another never received my beconning pleas of innocence and never responded. I had to go as far as to plead my case to the better business bureau for someone to intervene. They did and I am sailing along once again. Time, patience, and persistance sometimes pays off. Although I had basically given up, 6 months later, we're jammin cannon balls up our apponents back boards. Well, would like to write more, but have to go sailing. Cya.